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Video Marketing Best Practices

Nov 16, 2022 | Video Marketing | 0 comments

Video marketing best practices

Although finding creative ideas for video content can feel overwhelming, the process is still measurable and manageable when the right strategy is utilized. To help you get started with video marketing, you can take advantage of the following tips:

Determine your goals

Before creating a video, you need to determine first your video marketing goals. By having a solid understanding of your real purpose, you have a better chance of eliminating waste and mistakes.

If you have no idea of what goal to set, you can take a look at the following common goals:

  • Increase sales or lead conversions
  • Build brand awareness or brand loyalty
  • Retain existing customers and gain a new set of paying customers
  • Boost website engagement or traffic
  • Improve social media engagement

Difine your target audience

When creating a video or any other marketing campaign, it means that you want to reach a particular audience.

However, do you really know who they are? To effectively define your target market, you need to determine their age, the problem they have, and how you can solve their problems.

By doing so, you can create an effective customer persona to target in your video content.

Keep everything simple

Your product may have hundreds of features, but your audience will not make the effort so sit for 50 minutes to hear about them.

The best thing you can do is to create a video that is simple yet entertaining, engaging, and complete with vital information.

Remember, people prefer quick responses and quick solutions to long winded monologues.

Do not forget call to action

At the end of their Youtube videos, most vloggers ask their viewers to “Like and subscribe. Or sometimes, to leave a comment.

You can do the same thing in your videos. This is what you call a “Call-To-Action” (or CTA), and it’s essential that all your videos have a clear CTA.

So, at the end of your video, you can tell your audience to “Visit our website” or “Click here to download your free eBook” for example. Give your viewers some direction.

Work without sound

By default, the Facebook player mutes on autoplay so 85% of your videos will be watched without sound.

It’s the same with Twitter. This means your video content should completely communicates your desired message without sound.

Grab the attention of your audiance in 3 seconds

When the attention of your audience got caught in 3 seconds, it means they find your video content interesting.

To make this happen, you need to combine stunning imagery and creative video footage in the first 3 seconds of your video.

It is important for you to avoid any lengthy video instructions so you can “hook” viewers in.


As we have seen in this report, video marketing is worth the time and
provides a great return on investment.

Despite the challenges that comes with the process, once you have overcome them, everything will fall into the right place.

With the right approach, resources, and support, you will end up with a video campaign that is suitable for your business types and size, and requirements.

If you don’t want to waste time and money trying to create videos on your own, you can leave it to us, we will be happy to craft a powerful video campaign that gets you sales and engagement.

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