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Benefits of Video Marketing

Nov 15, 2022 | Video Marketing | 0 comments

Video marketing benefits

Why You Need to Invest in Video Marketing

According to Insivia, viewers can retain almost 95 percent of the message by watching it via video contrary to the 10 percent by reading it through text. So, this means that a video provides a longer impact on the audience, which is a great advantage in converting them into buying customers.

Apart from improving your website marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, advertising and other marketing channels, video marketing has even more benefits to offer.

It’s inexpensive

Although network television commercials are effective in putting yourself in front of a large TV audience, the production costs for such videos are usually in the thousands.

You don’t have to go to this length to create engaging videos, and in fact you can create videos based on your needs and goals that will target a particular audience with a much more reasonable budget (see ways to contact us for a free quote at the end of this document).

Increases brand avarness

Did you know that, on average, Facebook generates 8 billion video views every day? This indicates that people are really into watching video content.

By using videos, you can help your audience get to know more about your brand. If you successfully combine the right marketing strategy and video content, the awareness of your brand can spread more quickly.

Builds trust

Most marketing efforts of companies are designed to help them build trust with customers. By integrating videos to your marketing effort like ad campaigns, you can showcase to the audience who you really are. That way, they get to know the people behind a brand and get more familiar with it.

Trust is what triggers your audience to decide to do business with your company rather than your competitor. Compared to other content forms, a video will connect you and your viewers in a more direct way.

Drives sales

It should be no surprise to you that sales video are arguably the most powerful piece of marketing you can have on your website. In fact, consider these statistics.

76 percent of video marketers have reported that video content helped them increase sales, and after watching a video ad, customers experience a purchase intent rise of 97%. It goes without saying, that simply put, videos drive sales.

Boosts social media engagement

Based on the research conducted by Alexa, YouTube is considered as the second most popular site next to Google. If you are not

yet convinced with the power of videos in boosting social media engagement, you can consider these stats coming from various surveys.

  • Social media posts with 48% more views have video content (HubSpot).
  • 62% of people become more interested in products after seeing them in a Facebook Story (Marketing Land).
  • 65% of people take advantage of YouTube to solve a particular problem (Google).
  • Almost  75 million people visit the video platform of Facebook per day (Adweek).
  • Snapchat users watch almost 10 million per day (Mashable).
  • Facebook has more than 10 billion views every day (TechCrunch).

Video marketing chalanges

No matter how effective video marketing is, you may still encounter some challenges. So, it is best for you to be familiar with these challenges before jumping into video creation.

That way, you can eliminate potential risks in your small business from the start.

Lack of strategy

According to the study conducted by Ascend2 and Vinyard, for 48% of respondents, lacking the right strategy is the biggest factor that holds them back in achieving successful video campaigns.

Failing to plan a video marketing campaign can be risky, because it can cause negative press towards your customers and can also be costly, if all your investment fails to produce any returns.

Rushed production

It is never a good idea to rush the production of a highly compelling, informative, and entertaining video. You need a certain amount of time to polish each detail of your content.

A high-quality video involves at least a storyboard, scrips, concept development, video shoots, and editing. These are steps that take time and can not be rushed.

Lack of matrics

To achieve video marketing success, determining the necessary metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is a vital part of the process.

Similar to failing to plan, if you fail to set clear targets, you will have no indication whether your campaign worked or not.

You can contact us if you would like to find out what type of video would be the best for your business.

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