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The Power of Personalized Video Marketing

Dec 1, 2022 | Video Marketing | 0 comments

Personalized video marketing

Introduction to Personalized Video Marketing

The universe of digital media marketing can often seem overwhelming at worst and cluttered at best. Amidst the endless fragments of advice and best practices and musts out there, how do you know which facet of digital advertising really is essential for the future of your marketing strategy?

We’re here to cast our vote for personalized video advertising. Marketers and forecasters alike generally agree that video is the method to master, so if you’re already on board that boat, you’re going in the right direction.

But add personalization into the mix, and you’ll have a magic formula that will leave your competitors wondering where they went wrong.

Research by Adobe as long ago as 3 years already identified personalization as the most important marketing capability business need to have, and it’s only grown since then.

There are a few different avenues through which to personalize marketing campaigns, but here we’ll focus on video, since it’s the medium with the highest returns and conversion rates.

Read on for some compelling statistics showing why this kind of marketing is the next trend you’ll want to get in on now.

What Is personalized video marketing?

Simply put, it’s the answer to “a disconnect between the growth in digital video ad budgets and the dearth of attention paid by consumers to these ads,” Business Insider reports.

Why blow your marketing budget on a couple of videos that consumers are only going to watch a few seconds of before they skip to their content?

With video personalization technology, details specific to your audience get inserted into the marketing video, making their engagement with the ad exponentially more compelling.

In fact, Accenture reported this year that 81% of consumers actually want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them and when not to.

So software that allows you to create targeted video advertising is basically a simple tool that puts you in touch with your potential or existing customers for increased engagement with personalized touches like their names, locations, or past interactions with your company.

The details sound complex, but with the right tools, they’re actually pretty simple. VideoRemix’s software allows you to input analytics you already have from your customer base.

Examples include what kinds of products they usually view or buy, where they live, what their hobbies are, their name and image, etc. – elements that have now become expected through ad targeting.

With personalization, the difference between basic ad targeting is that you’re creating hundreds or thousands of unique ads, specific to each customer, with their name or image. And video has been shown over and over again to increase engagement and interest among consumers, to the combination is game-changing.

This example of personalized video marketing will show you in action why these elements make a difference in your videos. Especially in a sector like the real estate industry, it’s critical to build trust, and using a potential client’s name or image is the perfect way to do so.

Why will this benefit you?

You’ve got the basics of personalized advertising down, but why should it be your marketing priority this year?

One blog noted the essential capability of personalized video marketing to “combine the emotive power of video with the granular targeting that is increasingly popular with marketers.” In the saturated digital sphere, people want to be known as individuals.

With corporate giants like Amazon and Netflix tailoring their browsing experiences to individuals, consumers are increasingly coming to expect a base level of personalization. One study showed that 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content irrelevant to their interests appears.

Not only does targeted video advertising utilize individuals’ details to answer this frustration, it combines that with an emotional appeal through the medium of story that video lends itself to.

Let’s look at another example of this works in action. Here you’ll see an appeal to the internal problems a customer could be experiencing with the clear solution this company offers.

Additionally, a poll by Accenture from last year noted that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history.

If these are the expectations of the majority of your business’s potential clients, doesn’t it make sense to invest your marketing in efficient and effective methods of achieving these goals?

With the ease of creating personalized video advertising through the developed software, you can skip the costly market research and turn simple details of your client base into tools for building loyal consumers.

How should you use personalized video marketing?

These days, social media and email are both essential outlets for marketers. Email marketing is best for highly targeted video advertising, whereas social media is a vital platform for current clients to share and refer friends or acquaintances to your company.

One source claims that using videos for email marketing can increase sharing and forwarding by 50%,while another says that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, even though 70% of brands fail to use them.

Many similar studies and stats exist, all with slightly different numbers, but the point remains the same: With stats like these, it seems like an obvious choice to use personalization whenever possible.

One more example of this kind of targeted video advertising will highlight the power of utilizing the available information. This one emphasizes the clickable calls-to-action that are so important for driving traffic and engagement from these videos.

And with increasingly simplified technology that is becoming more and more accessible to businesses of all kinds, not just the corporate giants who have the budget for data and consumer research, personalized video marketing can be the means of significant ROI for your company in no time at all.

Final thoughts

We’ve answered some of the common questions around the importance of personalized video advertising so that you can be better informed as you refine your company’s marketing goals.

The conversion rates for personalized advertising are astounding. An Econsultancy study reported that 93% of companies see uplifts in conversion rates just from website personalization, and that’s not even counting what video adds into the mix.

With personalized video, the click-to-open rates increase by 16 times. Personalized videos also retain viewers on average 35% more than non-personalized ones. We could cite more and more stats about the benefits to your business of using personalization, but the solution is simple, and when you try it for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

If it’s true that, as Rapt Media reported last year, 83% of marketers say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge, why hesitate when you can access personalization technology immediately?

The features of targeted video advertising, such as personalization through names, images, locations, past purchases or interests, can bring a human connection and a much-needed individuality to your marketing efforts.

Even though this is cutting-edge technology that some of the market’s biggest companies use (think Google, Mercedes Benz and Nescafe, just to name a few), his is cutting-edge technology is not only accessible but affordable to you through our service. 

You can also easily join an upcoming  webinar to get any questions answered and to hear firsthand how this technology is revolutionizing the marketing universe. Save your company the headache of figuring it out yourselves, and try out our video personalization service today to see the impact on your business.

See personalized video in action

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